Our Story

Following endless trips over six months to the Dr with repeated bouts of stomach cramps, sickness & diarrhoea my eldest son, Cameron (aged 12 at the time of writing this) was finally referred to a Consultant at our local hospital who suggested that the symptoms might ease if dairy was cut out of his diet – no problem was my initial thought but how wrong was I!!

Having no dairy has made a significant change to Cameron’s well-being – we still have off days, we are still learning; but in the main life is so much better than it was this time last year for him and as a family we are learning to live with it and change our ways too. Shopping might take a lot longer as we have to read the labels, we might be limited in our choices when eating out and family meals take a lot more time both in the planning and preparation, but we are enjoying going back to basics, learning about what is in our food and being surprised (& mortified at times!) which products on our supermarket shelves and in our kitchen cupboards do actually contain milk.

Cam struggles at times not being able to tuck into some of his favourite foods – chocolate and cheese are top of the list – but we try to think outside the box and find dairy free alternatives – not always possible but we get there most times and I think as a family we are benefitting from a more healthy diet.

I was surprised about how little information was available at diagnosis and the unwillingness of the medical professionals initially not to investigate the cause but merely treat the symptoms so we continue on our journey researching, investigating, reading, browsing the internet, testing out dairy free foods and recipes and by trial and error we will get there in the end!


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