Chinese New Year

new year

Okay I know I’m a bit behind and it was Chinese New Year last week but seeing all the celebrations in London yesterday reminded me of a dairy free find I wanted to share – better late than never heh!

As Cam gets older his tastes are changing and he is keen to try new foods and Chinese is no exception. We are very lucky to have an excellent local Chinese takeaway and Cam has tried several of their dishes but sometimes you just want to do your own thing don’t you?! I learnt very quickly not to be limited to the free from food section in supermarkets – if this was all you were able to eat it would be very restricted and very expensive! I always check products for dairy and while shopping for our very own Chinese meal I found Sharwoods Black Bean & Red Pepper Cooking Sauce on offer at 89p – I love a bargain too!

The allergens listed are soya, barley, wheat and sesame – no added MSG and no artificial colours or preservatives – take a look at the ingredients list here.

With a safe list of ingredients for Cam, I simply added chicken breasts, spring onions and a little more red pepper – served with noodles, rice, prawn crackers & ribs it was a big hit on flavour, authenticity and ease – win, win all round!

Next time I’m shopping I shall check out more of the Sharwoods range – make sure you take a peek at their website, plenty of recipe inspiration!





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