Dairy Free Milles Feuilles

I always feel for Cam when its time for pudding, he often feels hard done by as a lot of desserts are laden with dairy and he has to stick with safe bets such as jelly or fruit and to be fair it all gets a bit boring after a while having the same old thing. We tend not to have a pudding in the week but at weekends when there is slightly more time we often treat ourselves and indulge.

Berry 2I found  a recipe in the Co-operative Food Magazine May/June 2014 issue called Berry Cream Puffs and decided to adapt it to be dairy free specifically for Cam  – if you follow this link and forward to page 8 of their online magazine you can watch a short video on how to make it!

I only made a single layer of puff pastry per serving to make it easier for the boys to eat. I topped the puff pastry with the crème patisserie and then some blueberries and strawberries before dusting with icing sugar.

The crème patisserie was actually made with spelt flour and I used vanilla soya milk so didn’t bother with the vanilla essence – see below for the recipe.

It all came together perfectly and tasted delicious.

Berry Puff

Cam was delighted and surprised that it tasted so lovely AND was dairy free! So we now have a perfect summer treat for desert that he can safely have and enjoy!

To read the recipe from the Co-operative Magazine follow the link here, forward to page 8, find and click on the image as shown below – hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Berry recipe




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