Something fishy for tea


Cameron had a vegetarian friend over for tea last week so I picked  up a box of Flipper Dippers from the fish people Young’s in the supermarket as they fitted the bill and catered for all needs #vegetarian #dairyfree #children #quick&easy

Ingredients  were simple with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and the allergen advice was perfect too.

FishI dished up with some peas and creamy mash (dairy free of course) and  the meal  was enjoyed by all, although I don’t think the two teenagers quite appreciated my humour with the fish eyes whereas the seven year old was far more accommodating!

I need to encourage my two to eat more fish but find a lot of  fish products contain dairy so we tend to stay clear of them – had a little browse of the Youngs website and discovered a few that are actually dairy free so we have a few more safe foods we can add to our shopping list and try.

Fish  Fishscampi



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