Our Free From Find of the Week!

I’m always on the hunt for interesting dairy free foods for Cameron – I am never particularly inspired by the offerings of the free from section in my local supermarkets so regularly cast my eye along each and every shelf in each and every aisle as I shop, constantly on the lookout for something new; flipping over packets, jars, tin, boxes in my quest busy reading the ingredients list and allergen advice.

PopI ventured slightly further afield this week and went to a large Tesco the other side of Worcester and stocked up on a few previous finds and then was delighted to discover Darling Popcorn from the guys over at Darling Spuds. In a eye-catching bright pink bag (hard to miss really!) are five fun sized packs of sweet and salty popcorn.

The ingredients list is nice and simple – popped corn, rapeseed oil, sugar and salt – perfect.

The allergen advice is just as good – no major allergens, gluten free – now you don’t often read information like that!

Know I wasn’t too sure if Cameron would be too keen on taking a packet to school with his packed lunch with it being so bright and pink, but he has made no comment so neither have I – he came back from school asking me where I had found them, how many had I got, they were absolutely yummy and could he please have a packet every day – so they pretty much passed the taste test!

Each bag contains a 9g portion and is just 39 calories – priced at £1.50 I thought they compared much more favourably to other multi-pack snacks that find their way into our childrens lunchboxes.

I was impressed with the company Darling Spuds themselves who also make gluten free crisps and have since discovered that three of their products made into onto the shortlist of the Free From Awards in 2012 with them becoming joint winners with their Tomato, Olive & Oregano Crisps – one to look out for!  The crisps are  gluten free, suitable for vegetarians, have no GMO’s and are 20% lower in fat.  Their products are perfect for the majority of the free from market which is excellent news. I just need to suss out which flavours are suitable for Cameron and where I can buy them!!

The popcorn has yet to make it onto the website and  but there is plenty to read over on Facebook and Twitter from the company.

Most definitely one to stock up on and even venture over the river more often to add to the shopping trolley.

So thank you Darling Spuds for making my dairy free chap very happy with your gorgeous gourmet popcorn!!


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