Dairy Free Millionaires Shortbread

Back in the early days of Cam being dairy free I remember my mum buying a packet of dairy free Millionaires Shortbread as a treat – we all eagerly tucked in to show some moral support for Cam in trying this new free from world we found ourselves in – we were soon very disillusioned – they were totally and utterly disgusting. Those of you familiar with this usually decadent treat will know that there should be shortbread topped with caramel and a thin layer of chocolate. These slices actually fell into three separate layers once we took them out of the packet – a dry and bland shortbread, a caramel layer that bore no resemblance in looks or taste to caramel and the chocolate just coated the roof of your mouth – the unfortunate memory is still so vivid in our minds and was not a great introduction to free from foods. Whilst looking online I found another review on the same product and it seems they had the same opinion as us!

I had pushed this experience from my mind but when out for coffee, cake and a chat recently with a good friend I treated myself to a slice of Millionaires Shortbread – the real dairy filled version as Cam was not with me! I then remembered our early experience and set myself the challenge of making a dairy free version.


A quick search on Pinterest located a recipe for Millionaires Shortbread and I found that the shortbread was the easy part; I just replaced the butter with dairy free Pure Sunflower and for the chocolate layer I used two bars of Kinnerton dark chocolate and one small bar of dairy free milk chocolate from Asda.

The caramel layer was the challenge as the recipe calls for condensed milk so I made my own using coconut milk – I impressed myself here! I found the recipe on Free Eats – eating  free … gluten free, corn free and almost always dairy free – take a look at their blog here for plenty more inspiration.

So I set about as instructed. To be honest I wasn’t overly taken with the flavour of the caramel as I left it to cool and  thicken, but the following day once I added loads more Pure and golden syrup (I was trying not to worry about the calorie content at this point!) it was to be fair rather yummy – not like the real thing caramel wise but honestly not actually that far off.

DF ShortbreadI finished off the assembly and my task was complete AND my layers stayed together! As I presented Cam with this plate his  face was a picture that I missed and his delight in eating a few too many squares was totally worth all the effort. My caramel turned out a little too runny I think but not a bad effort for a first dairy free attempt and they were most extremely moreish!


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