Delicious Dairy Free Chocolate from moo free

I recently asked moo free who produce dairy free chocolates if they had any samples we could try and then blog about – bit cheeky I know! We were so very pleased to get two of their perfect treat sized mini moos drop on the doormat and here is our verdict!

Lily’s Minty Moo minty-moo-in-wrapper-with-chocolate-bar-web-small

Dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, wheat free, vegetarian, vegan

Loved the crunchy minty pieces, has a subtle minty taste that isn’t too strong for children to enjoy. Great sized bar that easily breaks into individual pieces.



Bunnycomb Bar

Dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, wheat free,  vegetarian, vegan

Really visibly appealing with all the crunchy honeycomb pieces, again snaps into bite size pieces and boys enjoyed this one so much there was none left for me to try!


Cameron thought that the target audience for these bars would be younger children based on their packaging and taking a look on the moo free website  I think he was spot on.

If you’ve got a minute take a look and read about Hammy Hamster and her friends and the story behind the company!

hammy  mikey-bunnykitty-cakesrosie-rabbitlily-lu


For those of you with more severe intolerances than Cameron and allergies then each product on the website comes with a detailed product specification, allergy advice and nutritional information for you to check.

Overall opinion from the boys – one dairy free and one not – was a resounding 10 out of 10 and had I got any more they could try! You wouldn’t know that you weren’t eating milk chocolate as we know it, in fact Cameron’s brother who can and does eat anything and everything, milk or not, said he preferred the Bunnycomb bar to ‘normal’ chocolate – praise indeed and I think I shall be stocking up on a few bars for Christmas treats and trying some of their other products too.


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