Back to School

Well the boys have settled back into school after the summer holidays and I’m adjusting to a quiet house again but I must confess that I do miss them both and the hustle and bustle of them being here during the long summer break.

One thing I haven’t missed though is making packed lunches but with a new school year brings my promise of making them more interesting, nutritional, varied and of course dairy free for Cam. A quick search on the internet can give you so much inspiration and guidance for the daily lunch box.

I discovered The Lunchbox Doctor while following a link for a ‘free from’ recipe and now get hints, tips  and recipes for Cam – pop over to their website and take a look –  make sure you sign up to their mailing list and get their four week lunchbox menu plan for free.

Good to Know have many articles on going back to school and what to pack in that dreaded lunchbox!

You might know that I am an avid pinner and just love Pinterest! Click on lunch box ideas  in the search box and you will find idea, after idea, after idea; – go on give it a go – if you’ve got the time and the inclination then you are on a winner here for inspiration!

It can though be difficult knowing what is best to fill your child’s lunch box with when you read all the nutritional guidance from various organisations such as Change 4 Life and it can be a bit of a minefield once you adapt it to suit your child’s likes and dislikes .  As well as plenty of ideas and suggestions for healthier lunch boxes Change 4 Life has plenty of other information on a more healthy lifestyle for the family which is worth a read.

Lunch Box

This is what Cam took to school yesterday for lunch; Tuna mayo wrap, carrot sticks, Innocent fruit tube, kiwi & grapes, Oreos, fruit juice and a packet of Llamas.

I’m sure it’s not 100% perfect but it suits Cam and the proof is in the eating as the box came home completely empty!

I often freeze a juice carton to act as an ice block in Cams lunchbox and that way it keeps everything fresh & cool and is easily defrosted by lunchtime.

I also don’t think you can go far wrong seeking inspiration from the Japanese Bento style lunches, I can well imagine a child’s delight and excitement sitting down in the school dining room with creations such as these – all it takes is a little imagination and time to make kids food fun – here’s a few I found on other blogs to get your started!



Maybe I won’t have to make packed lunches for too much longer!! There is much talk at the moment about the quality and availability of school dinners and the Government are backing a scheme to support head teachers to improve food in their schools aptly named The School Food Plan – I have seen a lot of discussion on Twitter raising concerns that this will just cater for the masses and not individuals with various food allergies or in tolerances. For me the jury is still out, I don’t feel you can knock an idea until it starts and with many people from across the board getting involved hopefully this will be one scheme that works;

Good food provision in schools has been shown to lead not only to healthier children, but to improved attainment.

We hope this plan will help to create a generation of children who enjoy food that makes them healthier, more successful

and, most importantly, happier.”

Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent

If you’ve got five minutes and you want to know what is going on or get involved with your school then I do recommend that you read their plan!


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