Berrington Hall, Leominster

Berrington Hall ‏@NTBerrington

@sianob16 yes, we try to have something available for visitors who need dairy free, gluten free and low sugar options

The above is in response to a tweet I sent to Berrington Hall – a National Trust property not far from us in Leominster – I was just so very pleased to see a dairy free fruit cake available in their cafe when we visited at the weekend. Now Cameron doesn’t actually like fruit cake bless him but nonetheless it was great that a dairy free option was available!

Cam often ends up with a bag of crisps or something from my emergency dairy free provision box we keep in the car. He puts on a brave face about this but it would be so lovely as we all tuck into our afternoon tea when we are out and about for something to be available for dairy free folks amongst us. I know places like Berrington Hall have to cater for the masses but I am sure on a busy sunny day Cameron wouldn’t be the only visitor that required something dairy free?

So hats off to Berrington Hall – do go and visit by the way if you are in the area , both the house and gardens are wonderful  – so yes, thank you Berrington for catering dairy free – every little helps!



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