Crazy for Llama’s

We have always been fans of Llama’s and many a time have shared a bag of these whole wheat baked bites which are shaped just like mini llamas – strange but true!


I found them in Tesco which isn’t my usual supermarket so when I find myself that side of town I usually stock up with a couple of bags. They actually come in three flavours but we stick with the BBQ as it is dairy free and is just perfect for Cam. Priced at £1.69 for a 150g bag I think this is good value and it’s great to be able to find something Cam can eat in the mainstream aisles rather than the limited and often quite boring and overpriced free from section.Llamas all

Llama’s are on a mission, one mammals mission to rid the world of boring snacks and I think they’ve hit the nail on the head. My younger son enjoys the novelty factor just as much as the taste and my dairy free son loves being able to have another safe snack that he happily munch in front of his mates. I’m happy with the ingredients and nutritional information plus they are not too laden with calories for me to enjoy an odd munch too. The 150g bag comes with a handy resealable tab which keeps them fresh. Being oven baked and not fried and being whole wheat makes them healthier than a lot of other crisps and snacks found on the supermarket shelves. Incidentally you’ll find the with the biscuits and not in the crisps and snacks aisle.

The branding on the website and the packaging is quirky and makes you smile – if you want to put ‘some kick into your snacks’ you cannot go wrong by getting some of these.

Llamas multipack

I was delighted to find on my last visit to Tesco that Llamas now come in a multi pack – yippee! Five small bags in one available in all three flavours – absolutely perfect in lunchboxes and for taking out and about  – thank you Llama’s!

LlamaSo as far as snacks go this is top of our favourites list and we now drive specifically to Tesco just to stock up on these so we suggest you join in the snacking revolution and join the herd too!


9 thoughts on “Crazy for Llama’s

    • well, i should hope SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE ‘here’ would carry them. a member of the llama community, what fun for shows to share with others. thanks.

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