Finding allergy free recipes

CookbooksMy favourite kind of books are cookbooks, I have an ever growing collection from over the years – many tried and tested recipes that I fall back upon and a few that I just use for special occasions. Several books were passed down to me from my grandmother and these are my particular favourite, especially when I find a recipe she cut out from a magazine carefully pressed between the leaves of the book or a page splattered with some of the ingredients she would have used when following the recipe many years before me. Mrs Beeton was given to me on my 21st birthday and is a regularly thumbed through. I even have a Magic Roundabout cookbook that I used as a child and my boys now use themselves. Since having the children many more books have been added to the collection and since discovering that  Cameron needs to follow a dairy free diet the kitchen bookshelf is getting rather full.

The beauty of the internet is that you can find a book, read others reviews before you buy it but if it’s not for you then you can easily sell it on and move onto the next one. This has been invaluable to me over the past couple of years as I learnt to adapt my culinary skills towards dairy free options. Many books have been purchased, digested and sold on as they have not been suitable for one reason or another. I also borrow cookbooks from the library and if I find myself using it a lot then I will look for it online and add it to my collection. Another great source of books are charity shops – I have picked up several great  books from my local charity bookshop and when I have finished with it I donate it back to them.

Alice Sherwood My latest addition is ‘Allergy-free Cookbook’ by Alice Sherwood. The proof is in the eating – every recipe I have used to date from this book has been met with resounding approval from all members of the family.

It’s like four cookbooks in one as each recipe can be made without one or more of four major allergens – eggs, dairy, nuts and gluten. There are over 100 recipes and we have munched our way through quite a few of them! We are going to try out the smoothies on page 59 next week when it is half term  with a different variety each morning!

Supermarket magazines and other food magazines are getting slightly better at promoting free-from recipes so I follow in my Grans footsteps, clip out the recipe when I find one and stick it into a book for future reference.

Again the beauty of the internet is that you can search many excellent websites for recipes and then there is Pinterest. If you haven’t discovered it yet, be warned it is highly addictive but such a great resource. Basically it is an online notice board where you ‘pin’ pictures, articles  links onto different themed boards. Click on the logo below to take you through to my dairy free board and then investigate the website further to discover the delights hidden by all the other pinners!!



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