Lets go Bananas for Ice-Cream!!

ImageI know the weather doesn’t make you automatically think of ice-cream but after a little success in the kitchen (& freezer) yesterday I thought I’d share this with you.

I can’t confess to creating this – in fact there are many recipes and variations online – I was slightly skeptical to be honest but hugely pleased with the end result and more importantly so was Cam.

There is just one ingredient – bananas – that is it, absolutely nothing else whatsoever so not only is suitable for a dairy free diet but any diet – unless you are allergic or intolerant to bananas of course. I guess it not technically ‘ice–cream’ but it is so very near in texture.

It is really very simple to make, simply slice a banana (about 1″ thick) and pop into the freezer in container/tray in a single layer for a couple of hours. Gently pulse the frozen banana in your blender – I use my Lakeland Compact Chopper – until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Then blend until it forms together. I must confess at this stage I thought it wasn’t going to work but after a minute or two of blending and stopping to scrape mixture down from the sides, the mixture suddenly comes together so keep with it!

Cam likes to eat the ice-cream as soon as it is made & slightly soft but you can easily pop back into the freezer if you prefer it a little more solid. I don’t know how long it would keep in the freezer as there is never any left over!

Roughly one banana makes one serving, and I have found that the bananas need to be quite ripe but with no black bits.

The verdict from Cam – a definite thumbs up!!


2 thoughts on “Lets go Bananas for Ice-Cream!!

    • Thanks Vicki, I’ve done the same with your blog and have been having a good read through. Just found some dairy free waffle cones in Marks & Spencers which would go well with this ice-cream 🙂

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