Dairy Free ‘Yoghurts’

Take a look in kids lunch boxes and I bet most of them have got a yoghurt of some description in there for their pudding.

Now we are a little further down the line with getting to grips with being dairy free we have a few favourites both for the school lunchbox and home.

Wot no dairy raspberry

Top of the list is  ‘Wot no Dairy? Raspberry Dessert’ from The Redwood Co – for some reason the raspberry flavour is the one Cameron always chooses  but it comes in several other flavours too – Black Cherry, Peach & Apricot, Plain and Strawberry.  It is made with non-dairy cultured pea protein and definitely passes the taste test with both of the boys. They are a bit hit and miss for us to find in our local health food store but I have literally just discovered that you can buy them online directly from The Redwood Co themselves so think I shall be putting in an order to replenish the store cupboard for Cam and see what other treats they have too – with their products being ‘Free From’ so many allergens and suitable for so many specialist diets I am sure there is plenty of other dairy free eats I can find to try!

Alpro Blueberry

Our second vote for a replacement yoghurt is from the alpro range with their creamy soya yogurt alternative which I have found available in most supermarkets in the chiller cabinet. Again these are lactose and dairy free, gluten and wheat free so will appeal to many. Cam particularly enjoys the Blueberry & Cherry pack.


Another firm favourite is from Innocent – now these aren’t yoghurts but they are  extremely yummy fruit in squeezy tubes and make a regular appearance in Camerons packed lunch.

They come in two flavours – strawberry & raspberry and mango & pineapple – each box contains six tubes full of 100% pure crushed fruit and juice. With no added sugar or sweetener, no additives, no preservatives, no lumpy bits and even no dinosaurs you know exactly what you are getting! Tubes are great to pop into a lunchbox and as they freeze well help keep the lunchbox cool too.

I really struggle to find these at our usual supermarket so when I travel further afield for the family shop I generally stock up which always pleases Cam and quite often they are on offer so I’m pretty pleased too.

Check out the innocent website for lots of other tasty products that we also enjoy   http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/things-we-make


The one thing I seem to struggle with is variety for Cam so I also make up mini pots of jelly once in a while to pop in the lunch box which seem to go  down well – I make up a stack beginning of the week for both boys to alternate with other desserts and when you put one in don’t forget the spoon!

I am hopeful that there are many more lunchbox suitable alternatives to yoghurts out there to discover and I know Cam is looking forward to munching his way through them!


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