We love Pancakes!

Shrove Tuesday will soon be upon us but we don’t need an excuse in this house to have pancakes for breakfast, lunch or tea and dairy free ones are no exception. In fact I regularly find myself using up the half full cartons of soya milk to make into batter and on the rare occasions there are any pancakes left I find they freeze exceptionally well layered up in grease-proof paper and are handy for those mornings when you need a quick and instant breakfast – quick wizz in the microwave and job done.

Traditional pancakes I find work perfectly well with unsweetened soya milk – I do tend to use a gluten/wheat free flour so find you do have to add very slightly more milk than a basic pancake recipe states – I have used my trusted Mrs Beeton’s recipe for many years with 100g plain flour, generous pinch salt, 1 egg and 250ml milk made into a batter and as my Grandmother always used to do, I leave the batter to stand for  30 mins or so before getting out that frying pan.

We tend to opt for sugar and lemon with our pancakes but know there are many weird and wonderful tasty combinations that people like to eat  these days but we find you can’t beat a sprinkle of sugar, squeeze of fresh lemon with the pancake rolled up and eaten in seconds and then fingers licked clean ready for the next one – perfect!

Pancakes 2

We prefer the traditional flat style pancake but have been known to happily tuck into a batch of American style pancakes too which are thicker and great with Maple Syrup and bacon – check out the many recipes on the BBC Good Food website – they always serves us well with the dairy ingredients being substituted for non-dairy.


So however you have yours – enjoy!


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