Smooth Operator

My two love smoothies and I have found that creating dairy free ones is just as much fun and not particularly restricting without being able to use ice-cream, yoghurt, milk, etc – our favourite base to use is alpro vanilla flavour soya milk but we have found that most soya, almond, oat, rice milks, etc can work just as well depending on your individual taste.


Smoothies are quick and easy to make, perfect for breakfast, an after school snack or even pudding! You can buy a fancy smoothie maker if you like but I find most recipes work just as well in a blender which is what we use.

No. 1 smoothie in this house is a Banana & Fig Smoothie – we slice a banana into the blender, add some of the vanilla soya milk and just before we blend together we add our secret ingredient –  a teaspoon of Fig Pudding Pickle from My Secret Kitchen – I used to work as a Consultant for My Secret Kitchen and still use many of their products but Fig Pudding Pickle is most definitely top of my favourites list! Check them out by clicking their logo below.


This smoothie also works without the Fig Pudding Pickle – you could always chuck in some oats if you wanted some added fibre.

Frozen fruit always seems to work whizzed up in the blender and then loosened with fruit  juice and I’m just waiting for an avocado to ripen a little more before I try an avocado & banana smoothie – I’ll let you know how we get on with that one!

Smoothies also work rather well as lollies and are fun for the children to help you make (& eat!). Blend your smoothie as usual and then pour into lolly moulds, freeze and voila homemade lollies.


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