Happy Dairy Free Birthday!


Cam turned 13 on the 13th so we now officially have a teenager in the house!

Lots of people buy birthday cakes in the supermarket, lets face it they have plenty of choice, lots of variation in size & theme and sometimes the price justifies the hassle and time of not making one. This option though is an extremely limited one if you are dairy free – so this year I decided to make one. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook and over the years have made just as many birthday cakes as I have bought but I have discovered it doesn’t always work just replacing dairy ingredients  with dairy free ingredients so I also tend to use a tried and tested dairy free cake recipe!

Anyway for this birthday I totally cheated and used a cake mix! No dairy ingredients listed, just add an egg and some water, whisk for three minutes and bake as per instructions – thank you Sainsburys!!


With a price tag of just 22p it doesn’t break the bank either so I pushed the boat out and used two mixes – one for the top and one for the bottom. I would just add, as Cam has a milk intolerance and not a milk allergy we have found that we can use products that ‘may’ contain milk, i.e made in a factory that also uses milk products or as Sainsburys disclaimer states ‘Not suitable for nut, milk or egg allergy sufferers due to the methods used in the manufacture of this product‘.

I sandwiched the two layers together with jam and some Betty Crocker Vanilla Buttercream Style Icing –  again this ‘may’ contain milk ingredients although non are listed so please don’t use if you have a milk allergy rather than a milk intolerance. We have tried and tested both the sponge mix and icing previously with Cam and know that he does not have an adverse reaction to either.

A little more of  Betty Crocker on top, decorated with jelly beans and the appropriate number of candles and I was rather impressed with the end result even if I do say so myself!

Three generations enjoyed the cake and the grandparents didn’t even realise tea and cake meant dairy free as it “tasted so normal”!

I also use the cake mix for individual cakes for lunch boxes, decorated with Betty Crocker into butterfly cakes or with water icing and various sweet creations decorated by the boys.


By the way last year I carefully arranged 12 candles in an organic carrot cake from respect organics I found in Sainsburys – equally delicious, totally dairy free and just as much appreciated as my home-made creation this year. This also freezes very well –  I often have some cut up in the freezer, wrapped in greaseproof paper, and then pop a slice into Cams lunchbox when the cake tin is empty straight from the freezer – it easily defrosts by lunchtime.

So that’s two cakes in the birthday cake category and time ahead to practice and taste test many more dairy free creations.

Anyone else got any tried and tested dairy free birthday cake recipes they’d like to share?


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