Simple Things

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that put a smile on your face and that certainly happened to Cam this week all over some garlic bread!

We have also been told by Cams Dietitan to be careful with certain IBS trigger foods in his diet and this apparently means resistant starches too. This has added another dimension to our meal planning with no pre-cooked and reheated meals with potato and pasta for a start – so no more getting organised  and making a Shepherds pie during the day to reheat at night for tea – everything cooked and eaten fresh from now on . We have found and been given many pieces of information to sift through and  I shelved this one to be fair but I revisited it when I realised that a dairy free and IBS friendly diet was still causing problems and yep you’ve guessed after looking back through his food diary the day after having oven chips, dried pasta, potato waffles, etc there were the usual symptoms of stomach cramps, etc. So now I do try to follow the rules in the guidance as given.

I make fresh chips whenever the need arises or one of the boys favourites, particularly with a poached egg sat on the top are these Potato Cakes so here’s the recipe to try out;

Potato Cakes – Makes 8

2 Eggs, beaten

30g Self Raising Flour

450g Potatoes

Mix eggs and flour together in bowl to form a batter.

Grate the potatoes and give them a good squeeze to get rid of some of the moisture.

Add potatoes to batter and season rather generously.

Heat small amount of oil in pan.

Spoon half of the mix into four pancakes.

Cook over a medium heat until golden brown on both sides.

Repeat with other half of mixture.

Serve with grilled tomatoes, eggs however you like them, turkey rashers or whatever takes your fancy!

Anyway back to the garlic bread! This has been a big no no up until now so imagine my delight in discovering Jus Rol Garlic Bread in the supermarket last week – now this is a dough that you cook fresh and the garlic butter is made with vegetable oils rather than butter – all sounds good so far.

Once you pop open the packet you unroll and portion the dough into eight, cover with the garlic spread provided,  bake and enjoy – it really is that simple and tastes absolutely great too – Cam even said “it’s better than normal garlic bread“!

So we are converts and once again are looking forward to enjoying garlic bread – we tend to avoid certain foods that Cam can’t have that we have yet to find a safe alternative for as we don’t think it is fair to munch our way through something in front of him that he cannot eat – we do make up for this when he isn’t around believe me! A request from his younger brother last week when Cam went to a friends for tea after school was “Mum, PLEASE can we have lasagne” – so we duly enjoyed a very cheese laden lasagne with a side salad to make us feel slightly more virtuous!

I also bought some more of the Jus Rol range to try this week – although the ingredient list states they ‘may contain milk’ I have found that this tends to mean that they are produced in a factory that handles milk products  and as Cam has an intolerance to milk rather than an allergy we tend to go with these so are looking forward to croissants for breakfast and crusty rolls for our lunch this weekend.

Has anyone else tried any of these yet? Key an eye out in the chiller cabinet in your local supermarket and don’t forget to pop back and let me know what you thought!


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